Monday, 9 March 2009

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Chest 37.5

Shoulders 46

Waist 33

Hips 37.5

Thighs L 20 R20.5

Calf L 14.5 R 15

Arms L 13 R 12.75

Weight 80.1kg

Day 28

The final day……

It has been a challenging 28 days. Some days easy some days hard, some days you wondered why did I get myself into this. But it’s the challenge and the end result is what we all want to see.

Today was back, biceps and triceps. I think it was the thought of today being the last day that got me through. Cant wait for a week of not doing anything close to what I have done over the last 28 days.

Until next time….

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Day 27

First up was bench press and bent over rows. Started really well with these. Slightly heavier on the rows but not so good on the bench press. Triceps were hurting from the day before

On came shoulders and core….

Again not a bit of a struggle with the shoulder exercises but core/ab exercises were fine. As usual the lat raises at the end just kills my shoulders.Windmills were challenging as ever but all good.

Just to kill me off at the end came some quad exercises. Boy my legs felt like jelly after. Bit my tongure made some funny gritting faces and got the job done.

Another pay day and only one day left….Yesssssssssss!!!!!

Until next time….

Stay Strong, Stay Focused, and Keep Faith

Day 26

Almost to the end now. Definitely feeling the effects of over training now as I am struggling to lift anywhere close to what I normally do on some exercises.

Hamstrings are stronger. Did my heaviest stiff leg deadlift thus far and harrup curls I am more in control of.

Next up was biceps and triceps which are the exercises I am struggling on. But as usual I got on with things and got them all doen.

All in all a good session but cant wait for it to be over now

Until next time…

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Day 25/Photos

Not much to write about on Day 25 but I am struggling. Just chest today nothing else.
Until next time...
Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Day 24

Well its coming down to the end of the 28 days and I am feeling very tired. The weight I usually lift I am finding it a little hard. But I keep going on. I am looking forward to a week of absolutely no training. Cant wait.

Anyway on to todays session!!

Shoulders to start with which as usual made me want to scream. Went up in weight slightly which was one good thing.

Next up was back. Must say with the chin ups I am getting stronger each time and so are my back muscles. I have always liked doing back. Have not done Lat pulll down for ages though. That was a shock.

The bicep curls and triceps at the end just finished me off. Again struggled on the weight I usually do

Got through it all with a big push and felt relieved when I was done

Until next time….

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Day 23/Measurements

Not the hardest of days but enjoying the leg sessions. Really worked my tale off today and was close to being sick. Core really starting to take some shape and went up in weight with the windmills. Short and sweet today.

Chest 37

Shoulders 46

Waist 34

Hip 37.5

Arms L 12.5 R 12.5

Thighs L 20 R20.5

Calf L 14 R 15

Until next time…

Stay Strong, ,Stay focused and Keep Faith

Day 22

The final week. Bring it on. Feeling great today so was looking forward to my workout. Did not do any HIIT as I had not hit a plateau with the weight loss and was aiming for some muscle mass.

So it was chest and biceps to start with. Just like the last time I slowed my tempo down but also my weight went up which was nice to see again. The push ups are getting easier every time but its my triceps that kill more than anything. The not so nice thing was that I knew I had to do triceps next. My biceps are stronger and got through 120 reps today of them. I was able to do them all without dropping the weight down which was another good sign.

So onto the triceps and core. There were 120 reps of triceps to do. My arms were huge after all those. The core exercises are challenging as ever and never seem to get any easier. But can see the effects of doing them.

Great day today. Got it all done and got paid for completing everything. Wonder what tomorrow is going to be.

Until next time…

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Day 21

Today was not a very good day. I just was not in the right frame of mind. Will not go into why…. I really struggled. I will right today off as a bad day and move on with things.

Sorry to say but I did not complete everything that was asked of me today in the workout. Saying that it was only the core section that was not completed. I have let myself down to get into that frame of mind but will pick myself up for tomorrow and work twice as hard.

Until next time….

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Day 20

Really enjoyed my legs session today. I trained at a different gym so that also made a difference. I know I am going to feel the effects of it tomorrow.

Only 24 sets today compared to the last couple of days so flew through it. I have been doing squats on the Smith machine which I know is not the best but got to make do with what I got. Today I had a squat rack and I tell you what it made a huge difference. Realised how much stronger my legs are and may even think about trying to get to this gym a bit more just for a change of scenery. It was also very good as got a few enquiring looks from the members. Might even start wearing a T-shirt with my own advertising on it…hmmm Good idea!!

Back to my session….

At the end of any good legs session your legs feel like jelly which has become a usual thing for me on these days. I had a grimace on my face while doing the squat jumps but got through them.

Another day all done!!!!

It is been a journey so far and its coming up to the last week. I am pretty sure this is where its going to get a little harder. I am still trying to get the photos up but its just not happening for me with that right now. Just to let you know I can see the changes from the last set of photos I took.

Until next time….

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith


Had some problems loading these photos the last time I tried but there were taken on day 18.