Monday, 9 March 2009

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Chest 37.5

Shoulders 46

Waist 33

Hips 37.5

Thighs L 20 R20.5

Calf L 14.5 R 15

Arms L 13 R 12.75

Weight 80.1kg

Day 28

The final day……

It has been a challenging 28 days. Some days easy some days hard, some days you wondered why did I get myself into this. But it’s the challenge and the end result is what we all want to see.

Today was back, biceps and triceps. I think it was the thought of today being the last day that got me through. Cant wait for a week of not doing anything close to what I have done over the last 28 days.

Until next time….

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Day 27

First up was bench press and bent over rows. Started really well with these. Slightly heavier on the rows but not so good on the bench press. Triceps were hurting from the day before

On came shoulders and core….

Again not a bit of a struggle with the shoulder exercises but core/ab exercises were fine. As usual the lat raises at the end just kills my shoulders.Windmills were challenging as ever but all good.

Just to kill me off at the end came some quad exercises. Boy my legs felt like jelly after. Bit my tongure made some funny gritting faces and got the job done.

Another pay day and only one day left….Yesssssssssss!!!!!

Until next time….

Stay Strong, Stay Focused, and Keep Faith

Day 26

Almost to the end now. Definitely feeling the effects of over training now as I am struggling to lift anywhere close to what I normally do on some exercises.

Hamstrings are stronger. Did my heaviest stiff leg deadlift thus far and harrup curls I am more in control of.

Next up was biceps and triceps which are the exercises I am struggling on. But as usual I got on with things and got them all doen.

All in all a good session but cant wait for it to be over now

Until next time…

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Day 25/Photos

Not much to write about on Day 25 but I am struggling. Just chest today nothing else.
Until next time...
Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Day 24

Well its coming down to the end of the 28 days and I am feeling very tired. The weight I usually lift I am finding it a little hard. But I keep going on. I am looking forward to a week of absolutely no training. Cant wait.

Anyway on to todays session!!

Shoulders to start with which as usual made me want to scream. Went up in weight slightly which was one good thing.

Next up was back. Must say with the chin ups I am getting stronger each time and so are my back muscles. I have always liked doing back. Have not done Lat pulll down for ages though. That was a shock.

The bicep curls and triceps at the end just finished me off. Again struggled on the weight I usually do

Got through it all with a big push and felt relieved when I was done

Until next time….

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Day 23/Measurements

Not the hardest of days but enjoying the leg sessions. Really worked my tale off today and was close to being sick. Core really starting to take some shape and went up in weight with the windmills. Short and sweet today.

Chest 37

Shoulders 46

Waist 34

Hip 37.5

Arms L 12.5 R 12.5

Thighs L 20 R20.5

Calf L 14 R 15

Until next time…

Stay Strong, ,Stay focused and Keep Faith

Day 22

The final week. Bring it on. Feeling great today so was looking forward to my workout. Did not do any HIIT as I had not hit a plateau with the weight loss and was aiming for some muscle mass.

So it was chest and biceps to start with. Just like the last time I slowed my tempo down but also my weight went up which was nice to see again. The push ups are getting easier every time but its my triceps that kill more than anything. The not so nice thing was that I knew I had to do triceps next. My biceps are stronger and got through 120 reps today of them. I was able to do them all without dropping the weight down which was another good sign.

So onto the triceps and core. There were 120 reps of triceps to do. My arms were huge after all those. The core exercises are challenging as ever and never seem to get any easier. But can see the effects of doing them.

Great day today. Got it all done and got paid for completing everything. Wonder what tomorrow is going to be.

Until next time…

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Day 21

Today was not a very good day. I just was not in the right frame of mind. Will not go into why…. I really struggled. I will right today off as a bad day and move on with things.

Sorry to say but I did not complete everything that was asked of me today in the workout. Saying that it was only the core section that was not completed. I have let myself down to get into that frame of mind but will pick myself up for tomorrow and work twice as hard.

Until next time….

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Day 20

Really enjoyed my legs session today. I trained at a different gym so that also made a difference. I know I am going to feel the effects of it tomorrow.

Only 24 sets today compared to the last couple of days so flew through it. I have been doing squats on the Smith machine which I know is not the best but got to make do with what I got. Today I had a squat rack and I tell you what it made a huge difference. Realised how much stronger my legs are and may even think about trying to get to this gym a bit more just for a change of scenery. It was also very good as got a few enquiring looks from the members. Might even start wearing a T-shirt with my own advertising on it…hmmm Good idea!!

Back to my session….

At the end of any good legs session your legs feel like jelly which has become a usual thing for me on these days. I had a grimace on my face while doing the squat jumps but got through them.

Another day all done!!!!

It is been a journey so far and its coming up to the last week. I am pretty sure this is where its going to get a little harder. I am still trying to get the photos up but its just not happening for me with that right now. Just to let you know I can see the changes from the last set of photos I took.

Until next time….

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith


Had some problems loading these photos the last time I tried but there were taken on day 18.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Day 19

Ok that was another hard day and another 2hrs in the gym. A bit of a pattern going on here with the extra long workouts. Thank God for the rest day yesterday. Wonder if we have another one tomorrow. Will have to wait and see. I bet there is not though.

Right so here is the session.

Chest and biceps to start off with. I dropped my weight slightly today and also slowed the reps down drastically. Boy that made a huge difference. As you guessed it made it harder. Don’t know why I keep making it harder when it is hard enough. Socker for punishment I guess. When I got to the push ups I banged them out…..well the first set at least. The others were good with a lot less rest in between so that was a good sign. Felt strong and ready for the next set of exercises

Next was shoulders and core. Had to drop the weights on the shoulder exercises as I was struggling with the weights I usually do. Got through it as usual with a grimace on my face. I am finding the core exercise a bit easy so will have to up it the next time I do core.

Another challenging day with 60 sets all done and countless reps. Would be interesting how many reps I have done. Too many to add up.

Wonder what day 20 is going to be. Due for some legs….

Until next time…..

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Day 18/Measurements

Another rest day....

Would you believe that.

Chest 37

Shoulder 45

Waist 33.5

Hip 38

Arm R 12.5 L 12.5

Thigh R 20.5 L 20

Calf R 14.5 L14

Weight 80.1kg

Body Fat 15.1%

Tried saving photos to put up but laptop has a mind of its own. But must say seeing the difference in body shape now. Will try to get them up ASAP

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Day 17

Boy o Boy!!!!

I now see why we got a rest. This was going to be hard. I was looking forward to it though. Got myself focused for the challenge at hand very quickly

Started off with shoulders and hamstrings. This went really well. Went up in weight on the shoulder exercise and did 90kg on the stiff leg deadlift. Good start

I have not done the harrup curls for a while so this would be a great test on the hamstrings. Happy to say I was in more control going down and also using a lot more of the hamstrings to bring myself back up and not pushing off as much. Good sign. Something else to smile about.

The dreaded 40’s came next and this is what usually kills me off. And it certainly did.

That was just shoulders and hamstrings and I was no where close to the end.

Back exercises next and again I was happy with how I was progressing with the chins. Might have to add some weight soon J

I was probably an hour into my session and had to get the banana out. Needed some energy.

Biceps and triceps what came up next. Over 200 reps of each again. I had to keep focus at this point as I was starting to feel tired and focus on my technique. I kept thinking of the end results and kept pushing myself. Now I must say if I was doing thins a couple months ago I would have packed it in by now so this was a testing time for me. It did cross my mind a few times but again got those negatives thoughts out of my mind very quickly

So on I went…

The end was close so that was a bit of a relief.

Last came core exercise and as you can imagine my core was tested after all those exercises. I bit my tongue, made some funny faces and cracked on with it.

Something else to smile about. I completed it all. I was done. It took me about 2 hours today. I cant remember the last time I have done a workout for so long.

I had done it though

Until next time….

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Day 16

Would you believe this.....

A REST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Day 15

On paper it did not look too bad but I have learnt by now that is not always the case.

Started with chest today and must say the push ups are getting easier. Set another PB on the first round of exercises which put a smile on my face but it was only the first set. Again it was over 200 reps again.

Shoulders next and I am sure I did 100 of these 2days ago. Well Its another day so it was another 100 again.

Core exercises next and more windmills. Was slightly struggling with the technique of this sometimes but I mastered it now. Not an exercise you see in the gym very often. Well at least not where I go. Always get people watching me when I do this.

That was it for the day

Until next time…

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Day 14

I knew a hard day was due!

Well here it goes…

Good old legs to start with. How about 100 squats and also 100 stiff leg deadlift. You could imagine how I was feeling after that and it was only the first 2 exercises. Jelly legs after that. Had to sit down for a few minutes.

The ‘GUNNZ next. Yip you would not believe this but I did over 200 reps of curls. My biceps at the end of those sets were huge. The guys in the gym were jealous. The nothing is no one dared do what I was doing as there could all see the pain on my face.

Well Triceps came next and you guessed over 200 reps again. The funny thing is I did another PB on the triceps and it felt great.

That was my day. All good and another pay day as everything was completed once again.

Until next time…..

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Day 13

Not a bad day again. Nothing too difficult.

Another 100 reps of shoulder exercises.

Next came back which was I feeling stronger again on the chins.

Banging them out now.

Bring it on

A hard day must be due soon

Until next time…

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

Friday, 20 February 2009

Day 12

100 windmills

Yip thats it today...

Until next time....

Stay focused, Stay Strong and keep the Faith

Day 11

Hamstrings kill from all those deadlifts from Day 10. Cant touch the floor right now!!!

Day 11 here we go…..

It was all about the mirror muscles today. The muscle we men love to do. Chest, Biceps and Triceps. That was on the agenda for today.

Went brave and did my PB on the bench press today. YEAH!!!! The flyes came after and then the killer push-ups at the end. Was not looking forward to the next set of these…it hurt as usual. Must say I had to drop the weights down on the bench press. My ego was still high though

The ‘GUNZ’ (biceps) came next. Here was what it consists of: bicep curls followed by bicep curls followed by more bicep curls. Boy my biceps felt huge after. Just to let you know I did 126 reps. WOW!!!!

Tricep time…. Yip another 126 reps roughly. Great!!!

That was it for day Day 11.

What can possibly be on the agenda for day 12.

Until next time……

Stay Focused and Keep the Faith

Day 10

As Dax rightly said the horrors returned. What a day!!!

It was all about legs and shoulders today. There were 4 supersets of exercises to do today. Looking at the supersets made me feel drained before I even started. I know I was going to get some crazy looks in the gym today. Got focused very quickly and went ahead with my training session.

To start with was squats followed by clean and press. First superset so that went well. Felt strong and got through it.

Next came lunges and shoulder press. I am not a big fan of lunges so I knew this was going to take some effort on my part. There hurt lunges….gggrrrrrrr. Had to bite my tongue a few times as I wanted to scream…ahhhhhhhhh. Got through it…yessssssssss. Well so far at least.

Yip it did not get any easier unfortunately. Squat jumps followed by lat raises. Boy those not so nice thoughts of Dax came rushing back very quickly. Anyway soldiered on with jelly legs and numb shoulders. Another superset done.

Just to kill me off deadlift followed by hanging leg raises. Hmmmmm that’s all I can say to that superset. Did 100 deadlifts and hanging leg raises. Nothing else to say about that…..

Another pay day for me as I got the job done. Not sure if I am looking forward to day 11. It must be easy compared to today.

Until next time…..

Stay Focused and Keep the Faith

Photos And Measurements

Chest 37
Shoulders 46.5
Waist 34.25
Hip 38
Arms L 13 R 13
Thighs L 20 R 20.5
Calf L 14.5 R 15
Weight 81.3kg
Body fat 15.7%

Day 9

Not the hardest of days but as usual very challenging. It was all about the back and core today. Getting stronger with the pull-ups. Did all the reps required. Cant seem to increase the weight on the Bent over rows but going well.

Six pack starting to take some sort of shape with all the core exercises. Windmills getting easier every time. Arms kill me with the Hanging knee raises and also the swiss ball ad curls.

So that was it for day 9. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary but all good.

Until next time….

Stay focused

Monday, 16 February 2009


Ok here you go. More photos. Not sure how much difference you can see. Unless its my eyes....
I guess it has only been 8 days
Until next time...
Stay Focused, Stay Strong


On paper I liked what the work out looked like. When I started doing it, it was a whole different story. Today was alot harder than it looked. I really struggled with the Lat raises...really really struggled. Never done so many Stiff leg deadlifts in one go. I am going to feel it tomorrow for sure.

I have gone up in weight in my bench press again and to be fair with the lat raises I did increase the weight slightly. This week I am trying to better what I did the day before making everyday a PB. Like if it was not hard enough I am making even harder on myself...GREAT!!!

What can I say about all those push-ups. The first set I fealt great but ended on my knees after that. I am sure I am not the only one that has. Some guys would not abmit it though :)

Nice way to end the day with the Triceps. It took me close to 2 hours to do this. I am sure I was not wasting time.

Need to keep eating the spinach.....

Or well its over now and I have day 9 to look forward to now. Wonder what is scheduled for day 9.

Until next time....

Stay Focused, Stay Strong


Sunday, 15 February 2009

Measurement Time

Chest: 37.5

Shoulder: 47

Waist: 35

Hip: 38

Arms: L 13 R 13

Thighs: L 20.5 R 20.25

Calf: L 14.5 R 15

Weight: 81.7kg

Body Fat: 15.9% (tanita scale)


Not a bad day today. Got up early to go to the gym and get it out of the way.

It was not the hardest of days but as usual very challenging. Don't know how many windmills I have done this week but it seems like loads.

So its has been 7 days straight of hitting the gym and working out. Don't think I ever did 7 days straight of weights. It has been a very interesting 7 days as well as I have been very focused on achieving the end result. It has also kept me very disciplined with my workouts which has also had an effect on my day to day life. I seem to have much more of a purpose in my day now and also get more done. Hmmm!!! I should do this for another 28 days to see what happens!!!!

So check this out....I have done 240 sets in 7 days and countless reps which I have lost count of. I must be crazy. I tell you what I better be in the best shape of my life after these 28 days if not I will have to come looking for you Dax :)

It has been fun though and look forward to the next 21 days. It cant be worse than the first 7 days...well I hope so.

Until next time....

Stay Focused


Day 6

Popeye has been eating his spinach these last couple of days. Eating has drastically changed and I am feeling the benefits of it in my workouts now.

I feel a lot leaner and a lot stronger.

My deadlift weight has gone up and don’t feel as sore the day after as before. Might also have to do with me stretching more than usual. The pull ups I struggled with a little today for some reason. Not sure why!!!

On the bent over rows my lower back was killing me from doing the reverse hypers before and had to drop the weight slightly on the rows. Bit disappointed as I like doing back exercises :(

The 40’s as I like to call them is a killer. It just drains me but I kept going. All good though.

Don’t think that I have ever done so many bicep and tricep exercise in one go before. The ‘GUNZ’ fealt great after though. Especially after the 40’s

All in all, another day, another job done, and another pay day.

More measurements and photos coming soon. I know I should be doing them daily but it seems to be taking a lot of my free time MIM’s.

Until next time….

Stay focused


Friday, 13 February 2009


This is going to be a very short one today. Its a bit late and I need to go get some sleep.

Quite enjoyed today's workout. Weight went up on the chest exercise and and the windmills so that was all good. Got to the shoulders but had to drop the weights a bit as I have a minor shoulder injury which is trying to get the better of me.

Getting better on the nutrition side of things and getting loads of water in to keep hydrated. Ran out of protein shake today so will have to find some tomorrow.

I wonder what is on the books for day 6......hmmmm

Bring it on

Until next time....

Stay strong and stay focused


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Finally the Pics

Finally I have posted my pictures. Will try to post them as often as I can.
Until next time...


I must say today was not as bad as previous days. I am starting to feel alot stronger and from my measurements i have lost a few inches here and there. Not a bad thing I guess.

Well from here on in you would not be lucky to see any more of the exercise I will be doing. All you are going to see now is my progress. You can probably just imagine how much pain I will be going through for the next 22 days....

Well today was some Biceps and Triceps with some hamstring to add to the pain that I am feeling from all the leg workout the previous day.

As today was a not so hard day I can only think that tomorrow is going to be a hard one. So I got that to look forward to.

I have taken my pictures which I will put up so you can all see the progress.

Short one today so catch up with youall soon

Until next time...

Stay strong...Stay focused


Measurement Time

Ok here we go....

Chest 37

Shoulders 47

Biceps L13 R13

Waist 35

Hips 37.5

Thighs L 21 R21

Calf L 15 R15

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Ok I know I have not posted my pictures yet but I will....

Boy what a day. Got up had breakfast and headed to the gym to get day 3 out of the way. As usual I was very motivated and raring to go. I knew it was going to be another day of pain. I was feeling the effects of day 1 also. My hamstrings were a bit tight and chest was slighty hurting but I soldiered on with my workout.

Here is what came first:

Holistic Set For Quads

Squat x 4-6 reps

Lunges or split squats x 8-12 reps (with weight, of course)

Squat jumps x 40 reps

I had to do 4 sets of these...yip 4 sets. Can you imagine how my legs fealt after doing this? If you are brave enough try it and let me know how you fealt.

There is a little catch to this set....there is minimal rest between either the exercises or the holistic sets themsleves and it needed to be fast.

Great what more could I have asked for. My legs were like jelly after. People were watching me like I was crazy. That wa sonly the beginning....

Next was a chest and back combo.

Bench press x 10

Pullup x 6

Repeat for 4 fast supersets

Like if my pecs were not hurting enough!!!


Bench press x 10

Bent Rows x 8-12

repeat for 4 supersets

Yes you would not believe it more chest....


Bench Press x 10

Straight arm pulldowns x 40

Had to do 2 supersets of these...yessssssss!!!!


2 more sets of straight arm pulldowns x 40


I bet you thought it was over by now. I was literally half dead by now.

Windmills 1 set x 4-6 reps @ 85%


Hanging leg/knee raise 1 set x 10-12 reps @ 70-75%


Physio Ball ab curls 1 set x 40 reps


repeat x 4 sets

Finally it was over....

I crawled out of the gym after that. To make matters worse I fealt a twinge in my right shoulder which did not feal right. Its actually still hurts slightly. Will have to pop in to see the physio tomorrow at some point.

I survived day 3 and got paid for getting the job done. Looking forward to day 4 now. I am thinking its going to be an easy...well an easier day. Hopefully!!

Will post my measurements again tomorrow and might have to book myself in for a massage some time soon.

Until next time...

Keep focused....Stay Strong


Tuesday, 10 February 2009


What can I say about today? hmmmm...

Well the strange thing is I got up this morning and was really excited about today's workout. Yeah go on say it I am sad...

Anyway on paper it looked like yeah I could mange that compared to day1. My mind quickly changed after doing the first set of exercises. But i gritted my teeth, bit my tongue and got on with it. Again not so nice words were being said about Dax... but thought to myself I am not the only one doing this which sort of comforted me. I know other people are feeling my pain...I am not alone in this.

The workout looks like this:

First off you have a holistic set for shoulders.

This involves a 4-6 rep set, an 8-12 reps set and a 40 reps set in rapid succession and with no rest.

Once complete, simply start over and repeat for 4 holistic sets.


Clean and Press x 4-6DB

Press x 8-12

Side lateral x 40Repeat

x 4 with no rest

If you only know how my shoulders fealt after that. Those lateral raises absolutely killed me. Then there was no rest. Yes I did take a rest. I would be surprised if nobody did...

Here is what came next:

Next is a Biceps and Triceps superset

10 sets 10 reps Barbell Burl

10 Sets 10 reps Close Grip Bench or DipsPerform as a superset.

Tell you what I cant remeber the last time I worked 'the gunz' like that. Fealt great after I must say.

Well that was 32 sets if you have not worked it out yet and much easier than day 1. It took me about an hour to get through.

I am starting to hurt a bit from day 1. Mostly the hamstrings and chest but other than that I am ready for day 3. Bring it on....

Another that the job has been done....another I have been paid

Stay strong....Stay focused

Until next time....

Monday, 9 February 2009


Ok the big Muscle in a Month challenge has begun. I saw the workout and I asked myself what the hell did I get myself into.

56 sets and 90 mins later my thoughts of Dax certainly changed would not let you know what I was saying ( not for very long though). Yes it was hard and yes it would have been much easier to give up on this first day. But as Dax would say you get paid for done. So I got paid today and finished my first day of the challenge. 27 to go......

I am sure you are wonndering what I did so here it goes. Straight from the school of thought from Dax Moy:

Chest: 10 sets Bench press x 10 reps (this is normally between 70-80% 1 RM for most people)Back: 10 Sets Bent Rows x 10 reps

Perform these as a superset.I normally advocate a 4:0:2:0 tempo with these exercises but if you're not used to a great deal of time under tension work then simply perform them 'slow and controlled' as a large TUT alongside the extreme volume of your training over the next few days may prove too much.(Before you comment, yes, this IS like German Volume Training!)

Low Back Holistic SetThis is the toughie!

Your holistic set involves moving from a 4-6 rep exercise to a 8-12 rep exercise to a 40 rep exercise with no rest.

Once you complete the 40 reps you simply start over again with as little rest as possible.

It's tough but you'll be surprised how much you can still lift in the 4-6 even after the 40's.

Your workout looks like...

Deadlift 4-6 reps

Reverse Hypers 8-12

Prone cobras 40

Repeat x 4

Hamstrings and Core Supersets:


4 sets 4-6 reps stiff legged Deadlift

4 sets 4-6 reps 'Windmills' (Side bend with DB/KB at arms length above head whilst other hand reaches for floor or foot)


4 sets 8-12 reps Harrup Curls

4 sets 8-12 reps Hanging leg raise or knee raise (decline reverse curls if abs too weak)SS34 sets 40 reps Swiss ball leg curl (you can use machine leg curl if you wish but the SB is better)

4 sets 40 long lever crunches (yeah, I know you don't 'do' crunches... but you do now... 40 of 'em!)

If you've done the math, you'll see that there's a total of 56 sets in today's workout.I know, I know it's nuts... blah, blah, blah. You guys are all fitness professionals and should be able to cope with it.

My deconditioned actors and actresses can.The workout may take you about 1hr and 15m but can be done in an hour if you just keep moving.

If you burn out before the end then you can go 'old school' and split the workout into 2 parts and do morning/evening.

There IS method in this madness guys.

Still wanna play? : )

That was only DAY1...wonder what day 2 is going to be....

Stay tuned to see how I am getting on and whats next in this challenge.

Stay strong, stay focused....

Until next time


Measurement Day

Its Monday 9th Feb and I have just completed my measurements for Dax Moy's Muscle in A Month Challenge.

So her are my measurements:

Chest - (largest circumference) 37.5cm

Shoulders - (Widest point) 48cm

Waist -(Navel NOT trouser size!) 35.5cm

Hips - (Biggest gluteal protrusion) 38cm

Thigh - (Gluteal fold AND 4" from superior border of patela) R 22.5 L 21.5

Calf - (largest point of gastroc) L14.5 R 15.5

Arms - largest point of non-flexed arm - can do flexed too if you like to pose... like me : ) L 12.5 R 12.2

Photos will be posted shortly...

Keep following to see my results over the next 28 days. Its going to be a long hard 28 days that I am looking forward to in some strange way. The things we fitness professionals put ourselves through that we call fun might not be fun for alot of peole out there.

Let the challenge begin