Thursday, 5 March 2009

Day 24

Well its coming down to the end of the 28 days and I am feeling very tired. The weight I usually lift I am finding it a little hard. But I keep going on. I am looking forward to a week of absolutely no training. Cant wait.

Anyway on to todays session!!

Shoulders to start with which as usual made me want to scream. Went up in weight slightly which was one good thing.

Next up was back. Must say with the chin ups I am getting stronger each time and so are my back muscles. I have always liked doing back. Have not done Lat pulll down for ages though. That was a shock.

The bicep curls and triceps at the end just finished me off. Again struggled on the weight I usually do

Got through it all with a big push and felt relieved when I was done

Until next time….

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

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