Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Day 20

Really enjoyed my legs session today. I trained at a different gym so that also made a difference. I know I am going to feel the effects of it tomorrow.

Only 24 sets today compared to the last couple of days so flew through it. I have been doing squats on the Smith machine which I know is not the best but got to make do with what I got. Today I had a squat rack and I tell you what it made a huge difference. Realised how much stronger my legs are and may even think about trying to get to this gym a bit more just for a change of scenery. It was also very good as got a few enquiring looks from the members. Might even start wearing a T-shirt with my own advertising on it…hmmm Good idea!!

Back to my session….

At the end of any good legs session your legs feel like jelly which has become a usual thing for me on these days. I had a grimace on my face while doing the squat jumps but got through them.

Another day all done!!!!

It is been a journey so far and its coming up to the last week. I am pretty sure this is where its going to get a little harder. I am still trying to get the photos up but its just not happening for me with that right now. Just to let you know I can see the changes from the last set of photos I took.

Until next time….

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

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