Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Day 22

The final week. Bring it on. Feeling great today so was looking forward to my workout. Did not do any HIIT as I had not hit a plateau with the weight loss and was aiming for some muscle mass.

So it was chest and biceps to start with. Just like the last time I slowed my tempo down but also my weight went up which was nice to see again. The push ups are getting easier every time but its my triceps that kill more than anything. The not so nice thing was that I knew I had to do triceps next. My biceps are stronger and got through 120 reps today of them. I was able to do them all without dropping the weight down which was another good sign.

So onto the triceps and core. There were 120 reps of triceps to do. My arms were huge after all those. The core exercises are challenging as ever and never seem to get any easier. But can see the effects of doing them.

Great day today. Got it all done and got paid for completing everything. Wonder what tomorrow is going to be.

Until next time…

Stay Strong, Stay Focused and Keep Faith

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